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Videos About Sex in Africa

This is our documentary series about sex practices in Africa. This film series is presented by Dr. Wilson Neumann and directed by George Coleman. These practices made news in 2016 when BBC News exposed a man who was hired to sleep with girls. Read story at The man hired to have sex with children.  Eric Aniva was a “hyena” in Nsanje district of Southern Malawi. A hyena is a man hired to provide sexual cleansing to women and girls according to Malawi traditional culture. Eric Aniva was HIV positive and said to have sexually cleansed over 100 women and girls. The documentaries are shot in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Egypt, Congo, Sudan and Ethiopia. Click here to get it.

Below are some of the sex practices you will watch from the documentary series.


Labia elongation is practiced by some tribes in Africa. The main aim is to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners. In Uganda labia elongation is called okukyalira ensiko. Ugandan girls are taken to the bush as you will see from the documentary. They are shown how to pull their labia using herbs. The long lips achieved after okukyalira ensiko will aid in a Ugandan sex technique called kachabali. Kachabali is the tapping of a woman’s long labia by a man using his penis. The longer lips make this action more pleasurable.

In Rwanda labia elongation is called gukuna imishino. The man is required to rub his penis on the long vaginal lips in a process known as kunyaza. It is important for a man in Rwanda to make a woman reach sexual orgasm known as kurangiza or else she might ask for a divorce. The sexual practice of rubbing penis on elongated labia is called katerero in Tanzania.



Among some tribes in Africa girls are supposed to undergo sexual training before marriage. In Malawi this is known as chinamwali. The girls are sent to initiation camps where they are trained by women called nankungwi.  From point 1:01:24 to point 2:02:08 of this documentary you will watch girls being trained of various sex techniques. The sex techniques are usually taught through exercises. These exercises are meant to make the girls more flexible during sexual intercourse. You will see girls supporting themselves with arms and legs while facing upwards. A board with sharp nails is placed on the floor below the girls. The nankungwi then simulates a sexual act with one of the girls still in that position. The girl has to persevere all the sexual moves or fall on the painful nails if she gets tired. You will see some of the girls falling on the nails and crying in pain until they get it right. The sex training stage is the most rigorous in the initiation camps. It can take many weeks for the girls to master the techniques.



Nankungwi teach girls sex hygiene. Pubic hair shaving is one of the lessons taught. Girls also learn how to shave pubic hair from their sexual partners. Nankungwi also teach girls how to use herbs to keep their vaginas tight, fresh and clean.


After leaving initiation camps the girls are supposed to cleanse the dust of childhood. This is the last stage in the sexual initiation process. In Malawi they call it kusasa fumbi. A man known as a hyena has to test the girl on the skills acquired in the camp. The hyena copulates with the girl. He then communicates his results to the girl’s parents. The parents might send her back to the camp if she fails. If she passes they will marry her off. Our documentary has footage of the whole cleansing process.


Sex practices similar to chinamwali are practiced across Africa. In Malawi sexual cleansing is a ritual performed for various occasions. A widow must be cleansed by a hyena before burying her husband. Same goes for a woman who has infertility or procured an abortion. Young girls are also required to undergo cleansing after their first menstruation. A hyena just like Eric Aniva who was featured in BBC News will initiate them into adulthood. If a girl refuses it is believed misfortune will befall her family. The Malawi government has passed laws to prevent sexual cleansing. It is referred to as a harmful cultural practice. This is partly due to the high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in this part of Africa. The full documentary has footage of several cleansing rituals.

In Kenya a similar ritual is practiced by the Digo tribe. Digo girls are required to balance an egg on their pelvis to simulate different sex positions.

In Uganda the Banyankole tribe require the bride’s aunt to train her on sexuality. Only after training will the girl be ready for marriage. After marriage the aunt is supposed to watch the couple’s first sexual intercourse. This is because she will be called as a witness in case of any marital conflict. You can watch all this from the full documentary.





  1. Watched the full documentary. Very educational

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    • I saw one of the sex teachers with vaginal lips the size of my hand. I would like to see her in a bikini. It was sad seeing the girls going through the hard sex training and falling on those painful thorns. I hope this rituals are now extinct in Africa.

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  3. i love to learn more about the African sex rites

    • Watch the full 3 hour documentary and boy you will learn. I have been trying to unwatch what I saw.

  4. At 0:18:22 of the documentary that woman has lips that might touch her knees. Nothing sexy about it. But it was an informative documentary.

  5. This is terrible and unbelievable. I do not like how the women beat the girls in the name of sex training. Informative documentary though.

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  10. Sick documentaries. please I don’t wanna see this again
    (waks obianga)

  11. Wow, how do you get to be the destroyer? Imagine being given a very young virgin to break in to sex!!! The one in the documentary looked like he was giving her some deep stuff. Great documentary guys.

  12. As with all things, the whole story is not here. The curator does initiate the virgin as shown in the documentary, but he and/or chosen young assistants also services her often after that. She just does not get any outside the convent.

  13. I watched this documentary with my friends and we were shocked. Is this still happening? no it must stop

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    I believe the africans are a strong race. But these weird and obscene rituals gotta stop. This is why other races mock the africans. They think they’re nothing more than a race of illiterate, sex-crazed, pagan people.

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  20. Agnes Andayi Akama

    I so thank Jesus Christ my lord and savior that this practice was outlawed in my culture….in my culture we were taught how to satify a man. Pull your clitoris with raw banana glue like fluid plus a heavy granny would lay on top of you while underneath your butt were protruding nails which were placed horizontally to ensured u carry the weight of the granny who represents your future husband, and you had to twirl,twist and dance in sexual motions and movements n gestures…once u qualify u are given the beaded waist band to signify you are a pro in the field….my mum got married to my dad at 16yrs 0f age then this practice was outlawed…thank God…its a fight and a battle which is not for the faint hearted and those who are easily angered.we might have a long way in eradicating this practices, but we have made baby steps….change is coming

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