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Please note that most of our documentaries about sex in Africa are age restricted. Age restricted documentaries are only available to members of this website.

Hooking in JoBurg

This documentary derives its setting from Johannesburg South Africa. The time is April 2010. World cup is fast approaching. Hillbrow is an inner city neighborhood in Johannesburg. It is known for high levels of unemployment poverty and crime. Hillbrow plays host to migrants from townships, rural areas and the rest …

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Sex in Africa

Siegfried Kitchie and Dean are a gay couple from South Africa. Before 1994, during apartheid this was unheard of. Siegfried and Dean are a result of the new S. Africa. Siegfried lives in Johannesburg. He owns a nudist bar for gays. As we can see in the documentary, revelers at …

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Sacred Water

This documentary narrates a story that is told from the deepest and most intimate parts of the Rwandan culture. Many years ago, the Queen woke up to air her mat which was drenched from the night, so the story goes. The drops from her mat gathered as they dripped on …

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Sexual Traditions in Africa Documentary 18+

This is an adult educational documentary about sexual traditions in African culture. The documentary covers sexual topics such as African sexuality, virginity, strange sex practices, sex rituals, labia elongation, marriage sex rites, wife sharing, sexual cleansing, sexual slavery, necrophilia, secret sex societies, homosexuality, premarital sex, sex camps, primitive sex practices …

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Documentary on Strange African Sex

The documentary above shows the details of a strange sex ritual practiced in Uganda. The sex ritual is known as kachabali. Kachabali is practiced by the Baganda tribe of Uganda. It is taught by women known as Ssenga. Through kachabali¬† women learn how to achieve maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse. …

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