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Sacred Water

This documentary narrates a story that is told from the deepest and most intimate parts of the Rwandan culture. Many years ago, the Queen woke up to air her mat which was drenched from the night, so the story goes. The drops from her mat gathered as they dripped on …

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Sexual Traditions in Africa Documentary 18+

This documentary shows virgin girls from an African tribe being sexually initiated into a traditional sex society. It is an adult educational documentary about sexual traditions in African culture. The  documentary covers sexual topics such as African sexuality, virginity, odd sex practices, sex rituals, labia elongation, marriage sex rites, wife …

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African Gay Sex Video

The video above shows native African warriors engaging in a primitive homosexual rite of passage. The video is from our documentary about homosexuality among African primitive tribes. To get the full documentary please get membership to this website on the download page. Homosexuality was practiced among some tribes in Africa …

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Labia Elongation Video

The video above shows how to elongate labia. There are many African methods of pulling labia. Get the full documentary and watch the different methods. If you would like to get this full documentary CLICK HERE and get membership. Labia elongation involves pulling of the labia minora through physical manipulation …

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Odd Sex Rituals in Africa

The video above shows virgin girls undergoing defloration in order to join a primitive secret sex society. Secret sex societies serve many strange purposes in primitive African tribes such as being the guardians of fertility. The video is part of our documentary series about primitive African sexual rituals. This film …

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