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The video above shows a traditional African witch doctor performing a brain surgery. As you can see, he uses no modern medical equipment and all his patients do survive. Get the complete documentary and watch many more traditional surgeries including eye surgeries, stomach surgeries and bone surgeries. To get this …

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African Traditional Witch Doctor Healing Documentary

The documentary above shows a witch doctor in Ubangi-Shari using magic to heal a patient suffering from a migraine headache. Ubangi-Shari is a former french colony in central Africa. It was renamed Central Africa Republic in 1958. Ubangi and Shari are two rivers in this country. The witch doctor uses …

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Healing By Urination

The documentary above shows an Azande witch doctor performing healing rituals on a patient. She performs some dances to make peace with the spiritual world. She then urinates on the patient whilst standing. The Azande believe that any aspect of human life is affected by witchcraft. Witchcraft according to them …

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Traditional African Medicine Documentary

A man suffering from a genital disturbance has been entrusted to a witch doctor by his wife. The witch doctor uses rare herbs as a remedy. Some of the herbs might have a therapeutic value but not necessarily for the condition at hand. The witch doctor will make use of …

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