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Bride Price in Uganda

What Price – Bride Price? is a documentary narrated by Adjoa Andoh. This film is directed by Clive Brill and Atuki Turner. In a small village in Lira in Northern Uganda, a joyous celebration is about to take place. A bride has come back to her home village to partake …

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Marriage in Africa Documentary

The documentary above focuses on different aspects of marriage in Africa. The documentary looks more into women and girls. This is because they have less say in traditional Africa marriages. Marriage rituals, marriage ceremonies, arranged marriages, polygamy and underage marriage are some of the things this documentary dives into. The …

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Weird Sex Rituals in Africa Video

The video shows a  couple having sex while Koran verses are rubbed on them. To get the full documentary and watch all the weird sex rituals girls undergo before marriage please CLICK HERE. In West Africa especially Senegal a marriage sex ritual is carried out on couples affiliated to the …

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Odd Sex Rituals in Africa Video

The video above shows virgin girls undergoing defloration in order to join a primitive secret sex society. Secret sex societies serve many strange purposes in primitive African tribes such as being the guardians of fertility. The video is part of our documentary series about primitive African sexual rituals. This film …

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