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The Cutting Tradition

The documentary begins in Cairo, Egypt. A wedding is only a week away and preparations are underway. Songs and dances are prepared for the big day. But there are other unseen preparations which take place here long before marriage; the cut or Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Across Africa young girls …

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The Cut: Exploring FGM

Fatma Naib is an online journalist. She is married with a 4 year old daughter. She is Eritrean by origin but lives and works in Sweden. While doing a web documentary for Aljazeera, Fatma realized how deeply rooted FGM is in many cultures across the world including her own. This …

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Female Genital Mutilation in Africa Video

This video shows African girls undergoing circumcision. CLICK HERE to get membership to this website and watch this full documentary. From the full documentary you will watch many types of female genital mutilation such as: You will watch girls undergoing infibulation which is also called type III female genital mutilation. You …

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African Female Circumcision Ritual Video

The video above shows an African girl in Togo undergoing female circumcision. The ritual is done early in the morning while it is still dark. The girl lies on a mat. Women restrain her with one sitting on her chest. Her legs are opened wide. Her pubic hair is shaved …

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Traditional African Female Circumcision Video

The video shows teenage girls being circumcised then led to a river to clean the wound. To get the full documentary and watch many more female circumcision rituals please CLICK HERE. Female circumcision also known as female genital mutilation is a practice which is very widespread in Africa. The girls …

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