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Death Rituals in Africa Video

The video above shows a dead man undergoing traditional rituals before he is buried. In African societies everything that happens benefits or harms the community as a whole. People learn to celebrate and also mourn together. Death is one such situation where the whole community mourns together. The death of …

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Death in Africa

Death in Africa is a documentary which looks into the beliefs on the people on the continent about death. Among most cultures in Africa, death is not a natural act. Death is usually believed to be an act brought about by a witchcraft. The documentary examines this beliefs, burial ceremonies …

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Cannibalism In Africa Video

Ritual cannibalism is prevalent in some African countries because of traditional beliefs. In the East African country of Burundi, ritual cannibalism is so widespread that the government had to increase the penalty from life in prison to death. Tradition demands they eat the remains of their dead relatives in order …

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