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African Circumcision Ritual

The video above shows a man undergoing traditional African circumcision. The operation is performed while standing so that he can prove his courage. He is also required to look up and continue standing after the operation despite the pain.

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Traditional African Circumcision Video

The video above shows African boys being circumcised in a traditional ceremony. According to African tradition God made man bisexual. Man committed an unpardonable sin and so God separated the sexes. This way death, sickness and famine appeared. New beings were created with an imperfection left over from the original …

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Male Circumcision Video

This video above shows African boys being circumcised. If you would like to download the full documentary and watch many more male circumcision rituals CLICK HERE. Male circumcision among African tribes is meant to be a transition from boyhood to manhood. It involves the removal of the penis’ foreskin by …

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Circumcision in North Africa Video

Circumcision is a custom found in nearly all the tribes of North Africa and a heritage of Semitic people dating back to the time of Abraham. According to the Bible it represents proof of the alliance between God and his people. It is written Abraham was 99 when he was …

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