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Sex Rituals Africa Documentary

This video shows African girls engaging in various sex rituals. The footage is from our 3 hour long documentary about sex rituals girls undergo before marriage. The documentary has narration explaining each of the rituals in detail. To get this full documentary CLICK HERE and get 1 year membership to our website.


In Malawi and Zambia there is a sex ritual known as chinamwali. Girls as young as 7 years old are sent to initiation camps. The girls are first taught how to stretch their vaginal lips using herbs. The lessons are conducted by old women known as nankungwi. Longer vaginal lips are believed to enhance sexual pleasure. Our documentary has footage of this whole process.


After labia stretching girls are taken through exercises. These exercises are meant to make the girls more flexible during sexual intercourse. A common exercise is supporting the body using arms and legs while facing upwards. A board with sharp nails is placed on the floor below a girl. The nankungwi then simulates a sexual act with the girl still in that position. The girl has to persevere all the sexual moves or fall on the painful nails if she gets tired. You can also watch this full process from our documentary.


Nankungwi teach girls sex hygiene. Pubic hair shaving is one of the lessons taught. Girls also learn how to shave pubic hair from their sexual partners. Nankungwi also teach girls how to use herbs to keep their vaginas tight, fresh and clean.


After leaving initiation camps girls are supposed to cleanse the dust of childhood. A man known as a hyena has to test the girl on the skills acquired in the camp. The hyena copulates with the girl. He then communicates his results to the girl’s parents. The parents might send her back to the camp if she fails. If she passes they will marry her off. Our documentary has footage of the whole testing process.


Sex rituals similar to chinamwali are practiced across Africa. In Kenya a similar ritual is practiced by the Digo tribe. Digo girls are required to balance an egg on their pelvis to simulate different sex positions. In Uganda the Banyankole tribe require the bride’s aunt to train her on sexuality. Only after training will the girl be ready for marriage. After marriage the aunt is supposed to watch the couple’s first sexual intercourse. This is because she will be called as a witness in case of any marital conflict. You can watch all this from the 3 hour documentary.




  1. لطفا ابن فیلم رو برای من ارسال کنید

  2. i love to learn more about the African sex rites

  3. Whereabouts in Africa? This is so confusing….

  4. Ghana is not in the list of countries to pay with visa card why?

  5. This is terrible and unbelievable. Please where in Africa is this.?

  6. I love these films Kindly send me more of them

  7. Where in Africa does this taked place because I don’t know of such? This crazie

  8. How can I download the video?

  9. I really like what you guys are usually up too.
    Such clever work and reporting! Keep up the good works guys I’ve added you guys to our blogroll.

  10. please I don’t wanna see this again
    (waks obianga)

  11. Wow, how do you get to be the destroyer? Imagine being given a very young virgin to break in to sex!!! The one in the video looked like he was giving her some deep stuff.

  12. As with all things, the whole story is not here. The curator does initiate the virgin as shown in the video, but he and/or chosen young assistants also services her often after that. She just does not get any outside the convent.

  13. Does this still happening,no it must stop

  14. I think this culture&it can change or it can die.what makes so amaze.once up on a time all part of the world were having culture&this is Africa part.and I proud on it

  15. Unbelievable! Sex ritual?! Like whaaa?
    I believe the africans are a strong race. But these weird and obscene rituals gotta stop. This is why other races mock the africans. They think they’re nothing more than a race of illiterate, sex-crazed, pagan people.

  16. I do advice you and your co who litter internet with one dirty thing or the other tagging it Africa, kindly from do henceforth mentione the country or location of event because Africa is a not a country but a continent where most are more intelligent than you.

    • Most are more intelligent… then come up with a fucking way to end this torment and torture of young girls. You do this bullshit where I live your going to jail! And people that are in jail do not have any pity for anyone who molestes or RAPE children or brutally disfigures a child. So you know what they get in jail!!?? They get beaten? Stabbed and raped repeadtly by numerous other men, over and over. This ritual is bullshit, disgusting, shameful and down right completly wrong on so many levels. You people that do these horrid this gs to young woman should be fuckin murdered after being raped repeatedly, just so they can have a tiny taste of what the fuck they are doing to these young girls!!!!!

  17. Please email me I want to watch full video

  18. I am really surprised this is still happening in africa or rather happening in africa. As african I have not heard of these sex culture, the one I knew was that africa women must still be virgin till the day of their marriage or ease they will be sent back to their parent and pay some fine to appeace the gods. Please I will really need the full documentry video on this sex rituals that still happen in africa to learn more of africa cuiltures. How do I get it am a nigerian

  19. It is always good to learn…as a Catechist I’ll know how to preach to God’s people on matters like this. Thanks

  20. nice to be the priest

  21. J suis africain mais j ai ete surprise de ces rituels.kel torture et si mm j pe dire barbarisme ces culture n sont pa a monté sr les reso socio et en plus pas de precision du pays j sui vréma dec.l afrque n est pa taré jska c point dite moi ou est la difference de ce rituel et l pornographie?

  22. i HATE it when people make some documentaries and say its AFRICAN…., AFRICA is a CONTINENT MADE UP OF 54 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, so whenever you are making a documentary about a certain tradition, MENTION THE COUNTRY IN YOUR HEADING, do not MENTION AN ENTIRE CONTINENT, because you are VERY WRONG IN DOING THAT. There are many countries in AFRICA that know NOTHING about this sex rituals, NEITHER IS IT PART OF THEIR CULTURE OR TRADITION. EXAMPLE: EGYPT, TUNISIA, MOROCCO, ALGERIA, NIGERIA, LIBYA, ETC.


    EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!.

  23. Agnes Andayi Akama

    I so thank Jesus Christ my lord and saviour that this practice was outlawed in my culture….in my culture we were taught how to satify a man. Pull your clitoris with raw banana clue like fluid plus a heavy granny would lay on top of you while undeneath your butt were potruding nails which were placed horizontaly to ensured u carry the weight of the granny who represents your future husband, and you had to twirl,twist and dance in sexual motions and movements n gestures…once u qualify u are given the beaded waist band to signify you are a pro in the field…no penetration was involved and if u lost your viginity, before marriage. The matress you and your partner in crime used to devirginise yourselves had to be taken with blood still on it and given to your grandmother who will now be sleeping on it…i managed to preserve my virginity for 27yrs before i was raped,and now am 36yrs old,practicing secondary virginty and affraid when i get married how i will tell my husband am not a virgin!!!!! Chances are he wont believe me when i tell him i was mum got married to my dad at 16yrs 0f age then this practice was outlawed…thank God…its a fight and a battle which is not for the faint hearted and those who are eazily angerd.we might have a long way in erradicating this pratices, but we have made baby steps….change is coming

  24. Somebody posted a link to my FB which brought me here. First off ODD-AFRICA as a name already shows the sort of attitude whoever runs this site has on Africa. Nothing ODD about the continent at all. I’d rather have the men having sex right out in the open with Mother Earth than f**king babies while filming it to sell to their worldwide ring of paedos.

    Secondly, it really is time to stop regarding Africa as a single country. For one thing this is the non-Africans’ way of putting the “INSIGNIFICANT” labels all over the continent and her people, one. Two, don’t gloss over these rituals and cloud them with your own eyeglasses, dig into the purpose and meaning of the rituals from the people’s point of view. Did anybody take the trouble to find out what semen does to the earth, the grass the animals graze on, the insects the birds feed on etc? If you can accept that a virtually naked man on a cross is a god, the mistletoe has love powers attached to kissing under it, a day has 24 hours, some Februarys have a day longer, Easter eggs mean fertility and so on, and God lives in heaven and yet you’ve pierced that heaven all the way to beyond Pluto – you need to take a breath and think before you heap your way onto other people’s way.

    To me that brain surgeon and his patient must have the power of God. If they had been Euroancestrals, both the surgeon and the patient wouldn’t have manage to come out of it alive. So how about looking at it from their (the African people depicted) point of view? If I’d been the one filming this, I’d’ve taken samples of the leaves, herbs, roots, whatever this so-called witchdoctor was using, and analysed their chemical properties. But maybe this was done and then patented by some Western pharma company now making chemical derivatives of it that brings in trillions per annum. It wouldn’t be the first time: demonizing on the one hand while stealing and patenting on the other.

  25. I have 2 comments.
    First, you call the website ‘Odd Africa’, in reference to a whole continent of more than one billion people, hundreds of different ethnic groups and cultures spread over 54 different countries. You then take the practices of one sub-group, from one ethnic group, in one region of one country in the continent as representative of the whole…….. am I crazy or is this plain stupid. You only listed practices in 4 countries. How that translates into ‘Across Africa’ beats me.
    I find a lot of the acts depicted despicable and worthy of criminalization, it is however extremely ignorant to think and believe that these are broad practices that are representative of the whole continent.
    Just think about that………

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