Friday , July 20 2018

Uganda’s Idi Amin Asian Expulsion of 1972

In 1972 Ugandan Dictator, General Idi Amin ordered the explusion of Ugandas Asian community. Just before the deadline Thames Televisions ‘This Week’ reporter Johnathan Dimbleby visited Uganda to whitness the chaotic scenes first hand of Ugandas Asian community desperate to leave the country they once called home.

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In the Wake of War

After 10 years of civil war, Burundians are ready for lasting peace. This IFAD documentary, co-produced with the Television Trust for the Environment (TVE) for broadcast on BBC World, follows the stories of three people who are attempting to rebuild their lives. Through their stories, the film explores the larger …

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Life After Conflict in Burundi

“Life After Conflict in Burundi: Socio-economics & trauma healing,” produced by AFSC’s Burundi Program, highlights how people can come together after a conflict to rebuild their lives and communities – both socially and economically.

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