Sunday , February 26 2017

Homosexuality In Africa Documentary

The video above is from a 2 hours 30 minutes long documentary about homosexuality in Africa. From the full documentary you will see video footage of boys engaging different homosexual rituals. Some of the rituals include performing oral sex on initiated warriors in order to be allowed to join the …

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African Sex Documentary

The documentary above shows the details of a sex ritual practiced in Uganda. The sex ritual is known as kachabali. Kachabali is practiced by the Baganda tribe of Uganda. It is taught by women known as Ssenga. Through kachabali  women learn how to achieve maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse. The …

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Secret Africa Documentary

Secret Africa is an African documentary released in 1969. The documentary also goes by the Italian title Africa Segreta. It captures various cultural events in French Equatorial Africa which comprises of modern day countries of Gabon, Congo, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic and Chad. Some of the events captured in this …

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