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Gay Sex in Africa Video

Homosexuality was practiced among some tribes in Africa where it took a pederasty form. Warriors were allowed to have sexual intercourse with younger boys in order to initiate them into masculinity. Warriors were also allowed to take boys with them during times of war because women could not accompany them. While in hiding the boys will act as wives and the warriors use them to satisfy their sexual needs away from home as this documentary shows us.

In present day Gabon and Cameroon a homosexual practice named bian nkû”ma was common. It was believed anal intercourse was a medicine to wealth. The active partner would draw wealth medicine while penetrating the male partner anally.  This was according to Gunther Tessman a German ethnographer who studied the Pangwe also known as Fang.

Among the Azande tribe of Northern Congo and South Sudan male warriors married young boys. The boys were usually between 12 to 20 years old. The warrior would pay bride price in form of spears. The boy once married would take on household chores just like a wife. The warrior would satisfy his homosexual desires between the boy’s thighs. When the boy came of age to become a warrior he would take on a boy wife of his own.

In Eritrea Paulo Ambrogetti reported of men having sex with younger boys who he called diavoletti meaning little devils in Italian. The boys’ fathers would tolerate the relationships because it was sometimes a source of income. After puberty the boys would pursue heterosexual relationships but sometimes the homosexual relationships would continue into adulthood. Watch this from the full documentary.


  1. Its the best documentaries I’ve ever seen.I like it for its originality,uncensoring.the raw facts

  2. I love these films Kindly send me more of them

  3. I am really glad to have found your Web Site! It will help me to have a understanding of the Cultural of Africa! A lot of African Society reflects Original Views!

  4. Homosexuality is something very strange all over African countries. The most of the African countries have laws which forbidden homosexuality, but on the same time there are African races which have homosexuality as a traditional welcome. denyssamys. If the religions, Christians, Muslims, etc, are within an Africa community the homosexuality is forbidden, but due to the tradition of the community, the homosexuality at there homes is something normal. That happens in many many African communities, like in west, in Central and in east African countries. @ Some communities are welcoming the foreigners with a homosexual sex, from the father of the family only, while all the other family is watching and some times, if you want, the boys participate as long as they are more than 20 years, as I understood, and in many cases are inviting other members or maybe relatives from the community in the “homosexual welcome” in order to satisfy you. But also on the other hand, I faced barbarism conditions too. The next day of the welcome, some others in the same community wanted to offer us a “homosexual welcome” and when we refused, they lead us to there place by force, where we had a new “homosexual welcome”, by 40, or 50 or maybe more than 70 men, for more than 8 to 10 hours. When I complained to the man who welcome us the first day, he replied to me that: “They wanted to offer us something, so they offered to us the best gift they had”. And when I asked him, “where all these men found so many condoms ?” his reply was that: “maybe we do not have electricity and anything else here, but we have condoms which brings us people before you, as many white people know our customs, and they visit us from time to time”.
    In another community, in the same country, the father of a family told us that: “For 3 days the Chief of community must have sexual activities with one of his daughters, as the daughter was getting married a man from the same community, and we have to wait for 5 days until to offer us his “homosexual welcome”. When I told him to continue and come back in 5 days, he refused to allow us to go away. Then he gone to the chief of the community, where the chief and the father offered us a “homosexual welcome” at the cage of the father for 4 hours about, about 7 persons, then the chief gone back in his cage and we stayed at the cage of the family. We have many documentary evidence for all of these homosexual activities from various African communities and maybe one day to offer them in the public and maybe here in the oddafrica. If any one want more information, please contact.

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  8. I love anything to do with people finding sexual gratification, it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight. It is about being happy. I am bisexual and me and my girlfriend enjoyed this documentary immensely. I would like to see more documentaries like this.

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