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A 15 part documentary series Sex in Africa


The series has 15 episodes with a total duration of 42 hours. This series was inspired by a BBC feature into various sexual cleansing practices in Malawi. From the documentaries you will be able to watch actual uncensored footage of more than 200 sex rituals practiced in Africa. Most of the video footage from this series is shot in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Zambia. Some of the rituals you will watch are:

Sex Training

Watch South African girls using traditional wooden dildos to train on various sex techniques.

A South African girl oiling a wooden dildo before sex training with it.
A girl training a sex technique using a fixed wooden dildo

Watch Kenyan and Nigerian girls balancing eggs on their pelvis to imitate various sexual positions.

Watch South African girls dancing whilst balancing themselves on top of thorns and iron nails to train on various sexual positions.

Sexual Cleansing

Watch Malawi men who are known as hyenas having sex with widowed women before their husbands are buried.

Watch Kenyan men having sex with the corpse of dead women to cleanse their bodies before burial.

Watch Malawi and Zambian men having sex with girls who have left sexual training camps so as to test their acquired skills and cleanse them off the dust of childhood.

A girl undergoing sexual cleansing after leaving a sex training camp.
Labia Elongation

Watch Ugandan, Rwanda, Nigeria and South Africa girls pulling their labia majora(vaginal lips) until they are the same length as their mid finger.

Girls undergoing labia elongation in a boarding school.

Watch old women in Rwanda visiting boarding schools to train girls how to pull each others labia at a young age.

Sex Hygiene

Watch South African girls using herb mixtures to clean their vaginas before and after sex.

Marriage Consummation

Watch Nigerian couples forced to have sex in front of their relatives immediately after payment and acceptance of dowry. The blood from the first sex is absorbed by the sheets and taken as proof of virginity before marriage.

A newly married couple having sex in front of relatives to consummate their marriage.
Virginity Tests

Watch relatives of a groom in Nigeria inserting traditional wooden dildos into the bride’s vagina to check if she is a virgin.

A wooden dildo being inserted into a girl to test her virginity.
A new bride lying in front of relatives awaiting a virginity test using the wooden dildo next to her.
A South African girl undergoing sexual cleansing.
Other sex rituals

Watch men undergoing rape(sodomized) as punishment for sleeping with another man’s wife.

Watch men having their genitals chopped off as punishment for rape.

Watch heavy stones being hanged from a man’s genitals as punishment for rape.

Watch a South African woman undergoing rituals rape by up to 30 men as punishment for adultery.

Girls in South Africa undergoing sexual training.


A 2 part documentary series about homosexuality in Africa


Watch young warriors ingesting semen from older warriors to acquire their hunting skills and bravery.

Watch warriors marrying young boys so as to make them their wives in the bush during hunting and war.

A three part documentary series about female genital mutilation in Africa


Watch girls having their clitoris cut off so as to make them women and respectable members of the community.

A girl being circumcised using a razor blade.
Girls cleaning their wounds in a stream after undergoing circumcision.
A girl being cleaned before undergoing circumcision.

Watch fgm rituals where they cut off all the outer parts of the girls vagina including the clitoris and lips. You will see how the wound is later sewed tight to leave only a very small space for urination. You will also watch how this women are later forced to cut open this area to allow sexual penetration and childbirth. You will see a tribe that uses a cow horn to open up the space.


A 4 part documentary series about traditional African medical practices


Watch a traditional African healer performing brain surgeries. You will see past patients who have healed from his surgeries and are doing well.

A witch doctor performing a brain surgery.

Watch a traditional African healer cutting off the fingers of his patient to eradicate a headache.

Watch a traditional African healer drowning insane patients almost to death so as to cure insanity.

Watch a traditional African healer inserting a snake into a woman’s vagina to cure her infertility.

Watch a traditional healer burning a man’s testicles on fire to cure his sterility.

A 2 part documentary series about death rituals in Africa


Watch relatives eating the remains of their dead kins to inherit their hunting skills.

Watch mourners drinking water used to wash a dead person so as to prove they did not instigate the death.

A 2 part documentary about birth rituals in Africa


Watch women giving birth while standing as a sign of strength.

Watch women cutting the umbilical cord using their mouth then eating it raw.

Watch the family of a newborn eating his umbilical cord for dinner

A woman giving birth whilst sited on a stone outdoors.


A 2 part documentary series about traditional African beautification rituals


Watch children undergoing painful cuttings on their skin to acquire beauty.

Watch women deforming their lips with large plates so as to appear more appealing.

A woman with lip plates for beauty.


A 2 part documentary about war rituals in Africa


Watch South African warriors cutting off the genitals of enemy warriors to eat them.

Watch warriors drawing warm blood from downed warriors and drinking it raw.

Watch a ceremony in which the testicles of enemy warriors are roasted and eaten.

Warriors cutting off the genitals of an enemy soldier to later roast and eat.


A 2 part documentary about traditional African wrestling


Watch more than 30 types of wrestling matches and their rules.

Watch wrestling matches which only stop when one of the wrestlers is dead.

Warriors wrestling to death.

A 2 part documentary series about male circumcision rituals


Watch boys placing their penis on tree stumps so that the foreskin can be cut off.

A boy getting circumcised.

Watch boys having their foreskins removed while standing.

A boy getting circumcised while standing outdoors.

Watch a type of circumcision where the foreskin is not completely removed but used to support the forehead.

A boy forced to sit on a crocodile to prove his bravery after circumcision.

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