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The video above shows a traditional African witch doctor performing a brain surgery. As you can see, he uses no modern medical equipment and all his patients do survive. Get the complete documentary and watch many more traditional surgeries including eye surgeries, stomach surgeries and bone surgeries. To get this full documentary CLICK HERE and get membership.
In the land of the Kisii there lives a witch doctor who performs skull operations. A woman in the village urgently needs his help. The witch doctor begins to prepare his tools as villagers chant to ward off evil spirits and ensure the success of the surgery.
Green hairy leaves which are poisonous when taken internally are used as swabs. Despite opening of the cranial cavity being the most delicate operation is modern medicine, the witch doctor does it without even sterile conditions.

This art of boring a human skull to cure an ailment is called trepanation. Trepanation is one of the oldest forms of brain surgery. Its practice can be read in ancient Greece and Roman texts. In Africa evidence can be found in Egyptian stone age sites. Trepanation is practiced by different tribes of Africa for various reasons.

The Gusii of Kenya practice trepanation to cure persistent headaches. This has scientific backing because physical pressure in the head can be relieved through trepanation. Physical trauma or tumors can cause this kind of pressure. A headache in Gusii is called ogwatigwa omotwe.

In Uganda trepanation is practiced by the Lugbara. The Lugbara do it to free the evil spirit causing a headache. Their brain surgery is accompanied by spiritual rituals meant to chase away the evil spirit. This is called shamanic trepanation. It is used to cure psychosis, epilepsy or any conditions that seems spiritual rather than physical.

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  1. Africans had a way with nature,that was before the colonialists came!

  2. You guys cannot go to Africa make documentaries and take advantage of selling them without benefiting the participants in particularly got offended with the kisii brain surgeon sold on line while our people benefit nothing this people need to be sued.

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