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Documentary about Sterility Cures in Africa

This video shows an African witch doctor inserting a snake in a girl’s vagina to cure her sterility. To get the full documentary and watch many more sterility cures CLICK HERE and get documentary number 1814.

A man being treated for infertility by a witch-doctor.

A woman’s capacity to reproduce guarantees the continuity of the tribe. Sterility is negative as it breaks the chain that unites ancestors to their descendants. Sterility is therefore taboo and has to be eliminated through an appropriate ritual.
A young bride who is having difficulties becoming pregnant will turn to the fertility power of a snake for help. A snake being round and long has a phallic significance among African societies. Snakes symbolize life, fertility and strength as you will see from this complete documentary.

Sterility in most African communities is viewed as a bad omen. It is believed to be a curse or a kind of bewitching. The woman always bears the blame for lack of children even though sometimes the problem might be with the man. Men might also seek intervention from the spiritual world on rare occasions.

Almost always an African woman suffering from infertility will seek the help of a witch doctor as you will watch from most parts of this documentary. The witch doctor will always request for an offering to the gods in order to consult the oracle. A woman will almost always come up with several answers after visiting the oracle. It might be either bewitching by a jealous person, punishment by the gods because of failing to perform a ritual or her failure to reconcile with close people. The woman will usually have to pay extra to have this things lifted and allow her fertility back.

In some African tribes a woman who is unable to bear children might be chased away by the husband back to her birth home. The husband might further ask for the refund of bride price. An African woman is expected to be as fertile as the earth and bear as many children for the husband as she can.

Birth control methods do not exist in traditional Africa because a woman is expected to have as many children as she can. Also given the high infant mortality rate in sub saharan Africa women always like to take a risk with a larger number of children. Some governments have tried to introduce birth control measures but resistance from traditional beliefs is still high.

Some medical conditions which cause sterility in a woman are nowadays curable with modern Western medicine but most Africans may still prefer their own traditional methods. This has forced some countries to train traditional doctors on identifying some of these conditions. For example a woman who is sterile due to a fibroid might be convinced it has been brought about by dirty blood from past encounters with men. She will have to part with some sort of property to have herself purified. Watch all this from the full documentary.

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  1. I appreciate so much the painstaking effort you take to unveil some of these unfortunate rituals to our knowledge. The little that we can do to educate some of the ignorants against such things in our catchment area, we will keep doing that.

    Keep on the good work.

  2. Wow, that last part where the snake was shoved in her vagina was funny.


    • Did you say the practice is vogue?. No wonder you became a slave to the tradition of others. Go back to history and learn how your cultures, medicines, spirituality and traditions was robbed away from you by the invaders. They robbed you, brought it back and did not only sell it to you in a different forms, they also enslave you with it. They demonized your traditions so they can enslave you in their own. Wise up brother.

  4. Note to African Sterility Therapists: NOT to use mambas either green or black ones as this is very very negatively to be for the attempts to effect changing in the mysteries of the Pojojo amd Lankanita affecting the fertility of dead women. Cobras should remain proscribed as anathema for sterility treatment as well.
    Extramarital relations are often a well decided means to locate and cure the lack of pregnancy issue.
    Remedial dosing with the berries of the Galumubara bush will correct the fatherhood issue with tender minsitrations of the local Bontoga man and also using other herbs to correct the malady if it is actual malanthropic physicality of the male. Other remedies, including the priitive yet easily accomplised use of cow’s hormones usually available in urine are a supplental treatment to this problem that is moreover caused by fairly recnt contact with the European people since , for the largest part, 200 years without taking into account the early Portuguese explorers like those dispatched by Prince Henry the Navigatpor even before Columbus discovered America, which we all have subsequentaly found, was not lost or unknown with eary Africans, of those same motivated ones who built great lost cities and the still hidden yet destroyed (almost unfindable even standing amidst the tumbled down stones and once-giant edifices after the intervening years) and ruined prediluvian most cities of the deep rain forests which remain a secret til this very day as told to me by my great grandfather who was born in the year when the fairly small small numbers of British army soldiers battled the great and numerous,widely gathered Zulu’s chiefs multiple impis at the rather one sided battle of 1879 at Rourke’s drift. He knew much of the old ways and little of that great volume of infrmation was passed down as whitemen brought new things ade of iron ad also many of the old folkways of medicinal treatments were abandoned for Martini-Henry and Kropachek or Westly Richards gave way to Mause and SMLE Enfield rifles losing, in the bargain part of what Africans were, some would say much of the beter part was lost. Permanganese potassium and even simple allcohol. mercuric germicides and iodine based antimicrobials took over from native plants and herbs and people lost resisitance to old illnesses and were exposed to new microbes from foreign lands. Excision of clitori is rapidly becoming very backward and is actually outlawed by many vilage coiuncils as to the severe detrmient of the girl or woman and many, not eported by the men whose Muslim infkuences remain the greatest threat from this IE infectionwhich kill up to 10% of those who undergo these practices These practices have become much more associated in the minds of the average African with the Muslims who have begun to receive due credit for the slave trade, often the lions share of blame for without their slavery and presence on the continent slavery coulod ever have beeh imposed by outsiders so clearky not connected with the country and the bush people of the 16th century for slavery under rule or influence of Muslims was far before that perpetuated by English, Dutch and Portuguese with “Eastern derived steppe based refugee Tatar Jews regulating this commerce in human souls but not wishing to get dirty hands” or to be near that many gathered together Muslims even in those ancient times.

    My current situation, in the medical field in America gives me a very wide exposure to the contrasting cultures of both lands. Alsotesting in whic have participated and assisted has proven many folk medicines to contain certain alkolids, saqlt, isomers and esters that approximate modern oharmaceuticals in regard to the active ingerdients found in roots, sap, berries etc. Many positive introduced practices came from Europe but again, the Muslims are as a piece of dung in the cooking pot wherever they may be found.Snakes can also harbor parasittic mites, bacteria as well as obvious problems with misidentification of the type when used as useless panaceas believed to cure possibly routine issues of late puberty, irregular cycles, estrogen ro other or hormone disfunctions for snkes should never be allowed to coe in cntact with mucosal tisues and tissues rich with blood vessels or with orifices wit which ti gain accessto any other system beyond dermal cintact and that shoud be avoided like the plague etc. Regards, Joseph Mulaggi Southern USA

  5. oh my god .. they say ignorance is the enemy of love..sorry to the Young girl .. and the snake .. how can you put a snake her fertility organ … this bad Culture must stop.. people need education to stop these bad habits

  6. I wiuld be love to be in the place of the girl

  7. oh my god it such a thing still exists in this day and age, that’s cruel, even in africa it might not be such a thing !! How I would love a young pretty africa woman as a cruel life free, give her a home, love, security and a happy future with me! Since it has long been single and could a woman of africa have a common future, and you are not able to because you do not know how to do that! To travel back there, I have no finaziell means even if I in Germany finaziell quite well .Ich wish found women from Africa has always been very attractive, but unfortunately there is in my city a chance to learn so know a woman from africa ! A German woman I would never again at my side haben.Wie I would love such a africa woman to ramp up as a bad life and happy together with her live in Germany .Ich still hope that someday come help to I can get know such a africa woman, and to make her happy.

  8. Please stop such babaric practise.. How can a snake produce fertitlity? God help us.. I will not watch the full video because to do so encourages such practice. This is a harmful practice. So what happened after the snake was inserted inside her.?

  9. Our past tradition do influence our present character and behavior. We need to know what had been happening to change our destiny.

  10. Christianity is still far from this people, God help them to know you.

  11. I think there is more ignorance displayed in the pseudo-synopsis of the documentary and the comments in this thread than displayed in the documentary excerpts.

    Beliefs lay at the core of any human being. One guy mentions Christianity ; how different are the belief that Jesus Christ is a God (or conceived and ) and the belief that a snake can heal from sterility ? It’s all about Faith people, no scientific proof needed, just Faith.

    You refer to the Witch Doctors Vs (bad people indeed right ?) as opposed to the Western medical practice ; but do you know Chemistry/Physics derived from what people in Europe used to call Alchemy ? Do you know what fate faced alchemists ?

    I am not negating the advances of science and modern technics ; or condoning the backwardness of the portrayed practices ;

    I am trying to put things into perspective for your narrow minds to understand what you just saw, and to see that what you decry in the clip are people going about their ordinary lives, trying to resolve issues affecting them, though in a less sophisticated fashion and with less accurate methods.

  12. Africa is not a country. Please be precise and say what country in the continent of Africa.

  13. Leech Therapy in the Vagina

    I found this snake and sterility video interesting, its connected with leech therapy inside the vagina.

  14. این کوسه یا خورجین

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