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African Secret Sex Culture Documentary

The videos above show girls from different parts of Africa undergoing virginity tests before marriage. The video extracts are from a 3 hours long documentary about secret traditional African sex practices. The sex practices are hidden from the general public. The participants of these sex practices are expected to never reveal the details to anyone. Get the full documentary and watch secret sex practices from different parts of Africa including over 100 secret virginity testing methods. Click here to get the full documentary.

Below is an example of secret cultural sex practices from two African countries you will watch from the documentary.


Watch the Unyago sex practice among the Digo tribe of Kenya. The Digo are a subtribe of the Mijikenda. Adolescent girls who the Digo call Mwali have to be taken through sex lessons before marriage. The women who teach the girls these sex practices are called Kungwi. Watch footage of many sex practices taught to the girls. These include sex positions called Kata Kiuno. You will also watch how some girls are taught to balance eggs on their pelvis to practice these positions. Unyago is also practiced in Tanzania which borders Kenya to the South hence some shared cultures.


In Malawi there is a sex practice known as chinamwali. The girls are sent to initiation camps where they are trained by women called nankungwi.  From point 1:01:24 to point 2:02:08 of this documentary you will watch girls being trained of various sex techniques. The sex techniques are usually taught through exercises. These exercises are meant to make the girls more flexible during sexual intercourse. You will see girls supporting themselves with arms and legs while facing upwards. A board with sharp nails is placed on the floor below the girls. The nankungwi then simulates a sexual act with one of the girls still in that position. The girl has to persevere all the sexual moves or fall on the painful nails if she gets tired. You will see some of the girls falling on the nails and crying in pain until they get it right. The sex training stage is the most rigorous in the initiation camps. It can take many weeks for the girls to master the techniques. This practice is also done is Zambia which also borders Malawi.



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      This is happening no where in Africa.

  2. This is happening in central africa maybe not south africa

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  4. what can we do to help as individuals? shall we continue to Accuse, blame, and Condemn?
    whatever we can do to assist we should do it in reference to GOD ALMIGHTY…

    • They have different practices and culture… You don’t need to corrupt their practices. What may be good to you may not be good to others.

  5. By far the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Should be a crime and disgrace to even exist. Someone help our people in jesus name i pray.

    • These are traditions, not to be respected, but understood. How many public/private practices do we have? Are we to think of ourselves as more modern because we use technology developed by someone else. If you want to take on a position that demeans the next man for their belief and practice-start with thy own self, if you are true to yourself then you wont have much time worried about who ejaculates where and why. Respect it and understand that each culture has developed with much response to the needs of their society. Of this modern technology, what have you invented…stop thinking so highly of yourself

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  12. i am African but i still cannot get the head or tail of how our ancestors believed these things. how can someone be so cruel to the extent of cutting the clitoris of a 10 year old girls? eish, these guys should be granted an appropriate punishment!!! its so disgusting , some beliefs are surely f**ked up !!.

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      • It’s fine to respect the practices of other cultures. What is not fine is condoning the practice of mutilating the genitals of young girls and calling it tradition. There is absolutely no reason or benefit to cutting a girls clitoris off. Some traditions even say to slice off the labia as well. If you think that is ok just because it has gone on for a long time and people have been brain washed into calling it tradition, then you’re really sick.

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  14. Once the mind has expanded beyond the western way of thinking, one may then respect the different cultures around the world and appreciate their uniqueness.

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  16. I like the clip about Abagusii using traditional knowledge to perform what surgeons do in modern day civilized’ hospitals. There is clearly tools of trade used, actual incision, actual leaves, medicine and food yet we choose to call the doctors who achieve 96% success rates ‘witchdoctors! why! Because they are Africans? how is this noble treatment activities using physical instruments ‘ritual?

    The list these ‘surgeons’ need to achieve higher success rates than 96% is educating them on matters hygiene and anaesthesia not ritual performers. otherwise they are educated, they know their stuff. They do not use any beliefs magic or sorcery. Because witchdoctors other methods devoid of physical to try to cure imaginary illnesses of their causes. Please correct that

  17. We learn everyday hey… But the level of ignorance some of you people have, is appalling. Just learn and embrace other people’s cultures, without having to judge and utter bullshit.

  18. Don’t believe everything you see/hear

  19. The Law Of Truth
    What Ever Consistent & Systematic ITS TRUE
    We All Humans Are Three Dimensional Consciousness All Religions Came To Transfer This Three D Consciousness To The FIFTH ONE Which Is The PARADISE & ETERNATY
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    • Yeah, I agree with that one! I also found the snake and sterility video interesting, its connected with leech therapy inside the vagina I feel.

  21. what will happen if there is a nasty insect in there? Oops

  22. At point 1:18:17 of the documentary that boy can barely penetrate the girl probably because he has not properly healed. Such practices are the cause of high HIV/AIDS rate.

  23. civilization started in Africa-Egypt. i think these guys were paid act. this is totally against the African norms. get real story from older African men and no body else. just enjoy the video and respect African please.

  24. Who is talking ill of our sex culture? Just enjoy yours and leave us to enjoy it our way a-a.

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