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African Sex Rituals and Aphrodisiacs

The documentaries cover sexual topics such as African sexuality, virginity, strange sex practices, sex rituals, labia elongation, marriage sex rites, wife sharing, sexual cleansing, sexual slavery, necrophilia, secret sex societies, homosexuality, premarital sex, sex camps, primitive sex practices and much more.
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Beading among Samburu of Kenya (Aishontoyie Saen)
The Samburu are a nomadic pastoralist community living in the arid and semi-arid parts of Northern Kenya. It is hailed as one of the few Kenyan communities who have preserved their culture and traditions to this day. If you make a trip to the remote and dry villages of Samburu, you will be met by the spectacular beauty of women and girls adorning colorful beads around their necks. But beyond the beauty that captures your eyes is a story that will surely break your heart. Samburu morans-young warriors- are not allowed to marry according to tradition. To prevent the morans from seducing wives of the older warriors, they are allowed to have sexual relationships with young girls of the same clan. A girl as young as 9 or 10 years is assigned to a young male relative. Never mind that the consent of the girl is never sought, who is she to question the dictates of custom after all? The moran gives the girl black and white beads which she wears around her neck to signify her ‘engagement’. This practice is known as aishontoyie saen . The ‘engagement’ is for sexual purposes only and pregnancy and marriage are strictly forbidden and of course, needless to mention, the use of contraceptives is  a strange concept here. The parents of the girl are required by custom to build a small hut for the girl where her ‘suitor’ can make conjugal visits. The small hut called singira is purely a sex den. In the event that the girl becomes pregnant, the pregnancy has to be terminated by administering of herbal drugs or crude abortion conducted by the elderly women! And if the fetus somehow makes it to birth, it is supposed to be abandoned in the wild as it is an outcast.
Sex Initiation among Digo, Kenya (Unyago)
The Digo, a coastal tribe in Kenya which is part of the nine coastal tribes known as Mijikenda (nine clans) still lives an age old practice. Upon attaining sexual maturity (baleghe or kuvunja ungo) evidenced by the first menstrual flow, young girls in the Digo community enter into a new phase of life, one which is marked by a lot of secrecy. To begin with she is not supposed to reveal the onset of her menses to anyone. The young girl is initiated into sex, fertility, pregnancy and childbearing and this code of secrecy is carried on to pregnancy and childbirth. The family of the initiate known as mwari hires a special teacher usually an aunt or older female relative. This then marks the onset of a 7 day celebration known as unyago accompanied by the beating of drums (ngoma). The woman known as kungwi then takes on the responsibility of teaching the initiate how handle her upcoming wifely duties, such as cooking for her husband, taking care of her hygiene but most importantly how to satisfy the man in bed! In what is only akin to a scene from an erotic film, the kungwi demonstrates to the mwari different styles and positions during sexual intercourse and the mwari would be expected to show her mastery of the new skills to her trainer as well. Today, the initiates are taught how to use sanitary pads and cleanse themselves after menstruation (tohara). This takes place for 7 days commencing on the girls first menstruation after which she is presented to the society as ready for marriage. The teachings of the kungwi to the mwari remain a secret between the two.
Rwanda – Kunyaza
Sex takes place in the woman; the man uses a mere projection of his body. Have you heard that said before? Well no one know that better than the Rwandans. While in most societies sex revolves around the pleasure of the man and female ejaculation is almost a taboo, in Rwanda, it is not a rare phenomenon. In fact, it is customary. A Rwandan man is expected to facilitate female orgasm-kunyaza. This word derives from the Rwanda-Rundi verb kunyaara which literally means ‘urinate’ but is used to signify female ejaculation sought by this practice. During sexual intercourse the man begins by stimulating the labia majora. This he does by tapping and rubbing it with his penis. After a considerable stimulation, he then proceeds to tap the interior of the labia minora in a similar fashion followed by the vulva then the clitoris and finally the vaginal opening. This is then followed by the penetrative phase where the man does shallow thrust known as (gucuga) followed by deep thrusts (gucumita). While at it he maintains exaggerated circular movements pressing on the vaginal walls like a screw. This is facilitated by holding the penis between the index and middle fingers. Reading this, one wonders why the first ever pornographic films were not made in Africa. Anyway Rwandans it drives the woman to orgasm in five minutes or better yet, she will have multiple orgasms. In olden days, the elongation of the labia-called gukuna imishino was integral to the success of kunyaza. Although gukuna is much less practiced, kunyaza lives on. Now you know why Rwanda ranks high in gender equality tables globally and yes, if you are about to get married, make no mistake, Rwandan men are the best.

Labial elongation, Rwanda (Gukuna imishino)
Modern day Sex therapists opine that labial stimulation can take a woman to the moon and back. But as am about to reveal to you, this knowledge is not a preserve of sex therapists. Long before there were any of them, Rwandans were doing it their own way. Gukuna imishino is a term in Kinyarwanda which translates to labia elongation. For Rwandans, the longer it is the better. At puberty, the girls were introduced to guca imyeyo, a euphemism which translates to ‘cutting brooms’. The young girls would go into the bushes to cut brooms. While at it, they would pair up and pull at each other’s labia outwards. Even to date Rwandan girls in boarding schools will sit in rows facing each other, in their dormitories and do the same as they catch up on the latest gossip. Maybe you want to call it gross, but to them it is just culture. In any case this is supposed to give the girls a ‘sneak preview’ of the pleasure they will experience with their husbands. In olden days the girls would use traditional herbs-which they were trained to find in the bushes-as lubricants. They also served to make the labia swell so as to make it easier to grab. Contrary to most African societies and global cultures, in Rwanda sex is for the woman. The man is supposed to make her orgasm (kurangiza). According to the Rwandans, elongation of the labia makes it easy to grab and play with during sexual intercourse therefore facilitating the woman’s orgasm (kurangiza) and kunyaza (female ejaculation). Clearly, if sex is an art, then no one has mastered it like the Rwandans.
Sena of Malawi – Chinamwali
At a time when statistics from most African countries indicate that divorce is on the rise, one must ask when the rain started beating us. We had these things figured out before the white men came and ruined it all in the name of civilization. In southern Africa, among the Sena, Ngoni Venda, Tonga, Lomwe and Tambuka communities, chinamwali was an avenue for marriage education. Girls who had reached puberty were sent to a special trainer called ngaliba. The ngaliba would lead the contingent of initiates into the forest, to the dimba- the designated place for the sex initiation. She would prepare them on the wifely roles that they were about to assume upon marriage. More fundamentally, the initiates were taught how to satisfy their husbands in bed. The lessons provided by the chinamwali instructor (ngaliba) will leave you in shock. She would place sharp objects such as razor blades, needles and pins and thorns below the pelvis of the naked initiate. She would then require the initiate to move her waist as instructed. The initiate dared not lower her waist before she was allowed to (lest she was pricked by the sharp objects underneath her). See, laziness in bed would cost you a husband and the ngaliba would have none of that. One wonders how this kind of ideas was conceived in this place, but they worked and still work all the same. In fact, modern women secretly visit the chinamwali instructors so that they get the bedroom secrets too.
Yao and lomwe of Malawi-Kusasa fumbi
If you profess the Christian faith, then you know that upon accepting Jesus, you would undergo water baptism as an outward sign of your inward faith. For the Yao and Lomwe tribes of Southern Malawi in districts such as Chikwakwa, Salima and Sanje, sexual baptism was a requirement for girls to be ushered into adulthood. Upon the onset of their menstrual cycle, the families of the young girls would send them to tsimba, a sex initiation camp (what would be the African equivalent of a summer camp). Here, the girls were taught by a sex counselor known as anankungwi who would prepare them to take up wifely duties and most importantly how to do it in bed. Never mind that the girls were all minors between ages 12 and 17 but custom is custom in Africa. And if you think that is too much, you haven’t heard the half of it; a vital part of this sex initiation involved the fisi (hyena). This wasn’t any animal in the wild but a man who roamed from village to village to sleep with the initiates in order to ‘cleanse’ them of their ‘childhood dirt’. Let me put it to you in English; see the girls were ‘unclean’ because they had not had sex before and as such, their first sexual encounter was supposed to be with the fisi so as to ‘cleanse’ them. Needless to say there was no such thing as protection or contraceptives for the poor initiates. And of course the fisi had to be paid anywhere from $4 to $7 each time. Similarly, a widowed woman was also considered unclean and had to be ‘cleansed’ by sleeping with the dead man’s brother or close relative. This tradition is also practiced in parts of Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, Ivory Coast, and Congo.
Zimbabwe – Dry sex (drying of the vagina using herbs and mutendo wegudo- baboon urine)
There are several stereotypes about the African man, some even profiling them as sexual beasts. But most of these miss the point, which is not the black man’s libido itself, but the culture in which it finds expression. That Africa is a patriarchal society is nothing but the truth and as it would naturally follow, pleasure during sex is the preserve of men. As such the African woman had to satisfy the man or else a co-wife would be on the way. Forgive the African man, but most of them believed (or maybe still do), that if the vagina was dry then sex was more pleasurable. As a consequence, women in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia and South Africa have for a long time used remedies to dry their self-lubrication. Popular among them are herbs from the mugugudhu tree which could be mixed with crystalline baboon urine known as mutendo wegudo. This mixture is inserted in the vagina prior to sex. It results in swelling, elevated temperatures in the vagina and dryness, which increases the pleasure for the man making sure they are satisfied. But why baboon urine? The ape is believed to urinate in just one single spot for several years! So it is believed that using the concoction prior to sex causes the man to be faithful and only have sex with one woman. Now before you rubbish this as sheer nonsense be  informed that even today in the streets of Mutare-a small town in Zimbabwe, crystalline baboon urine is selling better than hotcakes. Women are seeking remedies to contain their husband’s insatiable appetites for sex. Interestingly, the same concoction is being sold to men as an aphrodisiac!
The Ovahimba, Namibia – Wife sharing (okujepisa omukazendu)
Kunene region in the North Western part of Namibia, close to the border with Angola is home to one of the world’s most bizarre sexual traditions. Here lives a nomadic pastoralist community known as the Ovahimba. Tucked away from the rest of the country, the community’s 86,000 men and women still roam bare chested with women adorning only short skirts made from goat skins. If you thought flings were a Western thing, you clearly haven’t been to this part of the world. Among the Ovahimba, a man is allowed to sleep with another man’s wife as long as he gets the consent of the other man! You probably are seated there wondering ‘”what sort of madness is that?” well it’s not. It’s just culture. By no means would they do this for pay so you wouldn’t dare call it prostitution. And yes the practice was done in order to strengthen friendship ties and prevent promiscuity. Was the consent of the woman needed in all of these? Absolutely not; as long as the husband had agreed with his male friend, all was well. The practice is known as okujepisa omukazendu which loosely translated means- offering wife to a guest. Did I mention that there were no strings attached? Well I just did. The woman still remained married to her husband; after all, can’t a man do another man a favor?

Buganda of Uganda- Okukyalira ensiko
For a long time among several East African countries, women from the Buganda community have been praised for their prowess in the bedroom. Today, we unravel the secret behind this. At the onset of puberty a Buganda girl is sent to the paternal aunt –called ssenga-which is also the name widely used for women who are specialists in sex education. While with the ssenga, the young girl’s labia majora or outer lips if you like, are pulled for several weeks. Older and married women may have to do it even longer. Of course at the initial stages the pulling is bound to cause some pain but by no means does this equate the practice to female genital mutilation (FGM) as some Western bigots paint it out there. While FGM shortens the clitoris thereby denying women sexual pleasure, Okukyalira ensiko seeks to elongate the labia to enhance the woman’s pleasure during sex. For Buganda men, the long lips constitute an incredibly sexy scene and are an instant turn on while for the women it gives a sense of belonging to the community as this is the feature with which they tell themselves apart from women of other tribes. See, Africans had these things figured out long before the first erotic film was ever made-and I don’t mean to be graphic. But, the fact is longer lips are easier and better to play with during foreplay. They easily get wet and pass lubricant to vagina hence making penetration easier. The long lips tickle the penis during penetration and gently rub it as it withdraws creating a heavenly feeling for both. If you don’t believe me ask the Bugandans. Ssengas add that the long lips also act as doors which close the vagina keeping it warm just as most men like it.
Ankole of Uganda – Kakyabali/ kachabali
According to statistics, 70% of women do not achieve orgasm just by penile-vaginal penetration alone. Well, that would be a non-issue among the Ankole-a native tribe of Western Uganda. Long before westerners even came up with statistical methods, the Ankole already had a remedy for this in kakyabali. Also known as kachabali, the sexual stimulation technique is an equivalent to kunyaza practiced in Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania by the Haya where they call it katerero. During sexual encounter the man holds his erect penis in his hand and strikes the glans of the labia using the glans of his manhood. This is done rhythmically and continuously from the top down and from left to right. After substantial arousal, the man begins circular movements in the inner lips both in a clockwise and anticlockwise fashion. He may also employ a zigzagging motion from the root of the body to the bottom of the glans. This should be preceded by vaginal lubrication during foreplay. With increasing arousal the man continues the same motion to the vestibule, vulva and urethral opening. Proceeding in a similar manner, the man stimulates all the organs of the vulva and finally the vaginal opening. This technique causes the woman to achieve orgasm in just 5 minutes if properly done.
The Lele of Kasai Congo- Hohombe
It is common knowledge that African men are all potentially polygamous. The African woman on the contrary was expected to be faithful to her husband and in most societies; cheating by the wife was unheard of. But among the Lele tribe who live in Kasai, in Belgian Congo, a strange marital arrangement lived which can only be called polyandry for lack of a better name. There was the institution called ngal a ba bola meaning “wife of the village” and this position gave her paramount importance in the village. Don’t get it twisted; she was not in any sense a prostitute. She and her children occupied a position of privilege in the society. There were a number of ways in which one could become a village wife; she could be chosen by the villagers after being taken captive in war, or if she had come to seek refuge in the community. Alternatively she could be the daughter or relative or a neighboring chief chosen by him at birth to occupy the position in adulthood. Upon assuming the role of village wife, she ceased doing womanly duties done and instead took on men’s chores including hunting. After this she took a considerable number of ‘husbands’ with her to her hut and she would sleep with each one of them for two nights. I don’t know a man that would be comfortable with this kind of arrangement but I guess custom is just that; we must not necessarily understand, must we? Her children were considered children of the village. And what’s more, if one wanted her daughter for marriage they would pay a higher bride price because apparently by marrying the ‘daughter of the village’ a man acquires status akin to that of the chief. The villagers also supplied enough cows for her sons to pay bride price. This practice is also found among the Pende, Dinga and Bunda of Congo.
Ewe of Ghana-Trokosi (virgin wives of the gods).
Ghana’s Volta region is rich in culture and history. But away from the hustle and bustle of Accra, the capital city, tucked away in the rural villages still lives a tradition that has long been banned by Ghana’s authorities- the trokosi. Let me deconstruct this for you; tro means god or shrine while kosi translates to wife or queen, hence the name wives of the gods. It is widely practiced primarily by the Ewe people of Ghana but also found in neighboring Togo and Benin. Virgin girls, usually minors, are sent to shrines by their parents as wives of the fetish priests to serve as atonement for the sins of one of the relatives. If you are Christian you probably are thinking, “Didn’t Jesus pay the ultimate price on the cross?” well the answer would be no for the Ewe people of Ghana. The virgins can stay in the shrine for a couple of years or even for life protecting her family from the wrath of ‘god’. If she ran away, she had to be replaced by another virgin from the family lest the family be befallen by a curse. The virgins would till the priest’s farms and do all the hard work by day, and at nightfall, the fetish priest would sleep with them each of them bearing 4 children or more, never mind that some shrines would have over 200 slaves. One wonders what kind of sexual drive those ‘men of god’ had. The virgins literally grow up in servitude reportedly going even without meals all in the name of ‘god’.
Luo Kenya -Men who make love to corpses
Customs and traditions world over come with their fair share of absurdity and what you would just call sheer nonsense.-that’s agreeable. But until you have read about the Luo, a Nilotic fishing tribe in Kenya, you haven’t heard the half of it. According to the Luo custom, upon the demise of a married man his widow had to be inherited by his brother or close cousin within 3 months after the burial of the deceased. Within the 3 months, the woman was considered unmarried and her social status in the community was as much as that of a child, why? Because she has lost her husband, her head (very patriarchal I know). In the event that the woman died before she was duly inherited that was considered a taboo that had to be ‘cleansed’. You don’t want to know how the cleansing itself was done. A brother or cousin to the late husband was required to ‘make love’ to the dead body! How in the hell! If none of them obliges, then a ‘professional’ is hired to perform the ritual. If this was not done the community believed the spirits of the dead woman would hover in the village in the night and her voice would be heard wailing as to why she was buried before ‘remarrying’. The ‘professional’ arrives after sunset and is treated to traditional beer. Late in the night, the elders order everyone out of the house in which the body is lying. The man then mounts. After the permitted one round, he must sit next to the dead woman’s head till morning at what time an elderly woman is sent to inspect the body in order to confirm the ritual. After this the man drunk manyasi-a traditional medicine for cleansing- and take a bath in the river. The calabash used for manyasi must be thrown into the flowing river water to carry away sins gathered during the ritual. The elders dared not permit the burial to commence before the ritual was performed lest chira-a deadly disease attacks the family of the deceased woman. It doesn’t need to make sense to anyone, it’s just what it is – custom.

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