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Male Circumcision African Documentary

This video above shows African boys being circumcised. If you would like to download the full documentary and watch many more male circumcision rituals CLICK HERE.

Male circumcision among African tribes is meant to be a transition from boyhood to manhood. It involves the removal of the penis’ foreskin by cutting it off as this documentary shows. The operation itself is a test of manhood as the participants are expected to endure the pain silently as a man should. There are usually threats from those who accompany the participants in order to further torment and test the manhood of the participants.

Male circumcision is a tradition which is still very common in almost all African countries. Removal of the foreskin is seen as a transition from childhood to manhood. Those who undergo the practice together remain together as an age group. It is almost always a group activity usually involving boys of the same age group.

Depending on tribe the circumcision ritual is carried out differently. In some tribes for example the highland nilotes of Kenya the foreskin is not completely removed. This method of circumcision is discouraged by health professionals because the individual does not get all the health benefits like in complete foreskin removal.

Also depending on tribe the boys might head back home after circumcision or remain in the bushes until they heal. Those who remain in the bushes have an opportunity to be taught various traditional lessons in accordance to their tribe. In the bush they also learn skills needed in their newly gained adulthood.

Due to the emergence of diseases such as HIV/AIDS governments in Africa have had to make sure traditional circumcision does not lead to disease transmission. The traditional surgeons are discouraged from using the same knife on different boys. Sometimes modern medical professionals are present in case of emergencies such as over bleeding. Watch man types of circumcision rituals from our full documentary.

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