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Labia Elongation Ritual Documentary

This documentary shows two African girls pulling each others vaginal lips. They are pulling the lips to make them longer before marriage. If you would like to get this full documentary CLICK HERE.

Labia elongation involves pulling of the labia minora through physical manipulation to increase its size. This practice is common in several African countries and is meant to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners. Girls are taught how to enlarge their labia at a young age before marriage. They may continue to enlarge their labia even in marriage.

In Rwanda the practice of labia elongation is called gukuna imishino. The respectable name is guca imyeyo meaning to cut brooms. This name came about because girls would always lie to boys that they were out in the bushes searching for grass to make brooms while in fact they were undergoing the labia elongation ritual. In Rwanda longer labia are supposed to aid the woman in achieving orgasm during sex. In their local language orgasm is known as kurangiza. It should also make her achieve female ejaculation which is referred to as kunyaza in their local dialect. During sex the man is supposed to tap and rub his penis on the elongated lips to make the woman reach orgasm. In Uganda this is called kachabali while in Tanzania they call it katerero. This sexual practice is always aided by elongated labia.

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  1. Where can i buy the full documentary

  2. this is interesting ok. this just tells me how little and shallow my knowledge was about African cultures and traditions.though I read anthropology.kudos!

  3. I have a friend who also did this elongation . I’m coming just at the border of Uganda and Kenya. So we have many of this

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