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Documentary About Female Genital Mutilation in Africa

This video shows Nigerian girls undergoing circumcision. CLICK HERE to get membership to this website and watch this full documentary. From the full documentary you will watch many types of female genital mutilation such as:

You will watch girls undergoing infibulation which is also called type III female genital mutilation. You will see how the clitoris together with the vaginal lips are completely removed. Then the vaginal opening is sewed together leaving only a small space for urination. You will watch girls having the vagina cut open to allow child birth and sexual penetration. You will see a girl having her vagina opened up using a cow horn.


According to African tradition a girl is not born a woman. She becomes one through contact with the earth and her children. The clitoris is considered a male element in a female body. The male element has to be eliminated through female circumcision. Only after that will she be considered a real woman. Then she will be allowed to marry and have children. You will learn how a woman is viewed in African society from the full documentary.


From the complete documentary you can watch how the circumcision rituals are prepared. The female circumcision ceremony begins the night before with spiritual preparations. A chicken is sacrificed. Its death throws are studied to determine the suitability of the circumcision day. It should not die on its side. The chicken should succumb with its claws facing the sky for the day to be considered favorable. This is followed by a sacred dance by masked men from a secret sanctuary. The dance is meant to invoke fertility. This is because the initiation will allow the girls to reproduce and conserve the continuity of life. The woman is expected to be as fertile as the earth.

A girl undergoing female circumcision.


The day of the circumcision ritual is celebrated with women putting on their best attire as you will see from most of this documentary. The women sing and dance. The pain their girls are going through is celebrated as a transition to womanhood. Female circumcision is obligatory for all women among communities who still practice it. A woman who refuses to be mutilated risks isolation which can provoke insanity and death.


Female circumcision has been outlawed in most African countries. It however persists due to traditional beliefs. It is still common in Eastern Africa and parts of West Africa. They believe that by cutting off the clitoris  the girl will not engage in premarital sex or sex outside wedlock. In some communities they believe they can tell if a girl has already engaged in sexual intercourse before FGM. This is by checking if the clitoris bulges when touched. You can learn all this from the documentary.

A girl washing her wound in a stream after circumcision. Source: Documentary on female genital mutilation in Africa.


Female genital mutilation is usually the first step towards marrying a girl off. Many girls in Africa drop out of school every year to undergo the practice. After the wound has healed they are married off. In colonial Africa most missionary schools denied admission to girls who had undergone the practice. This was meant to discourage it. By preventing fgm the government is also preventing early marriage. That helps keep girls in school.


Medical research has proven female genital mutilation has many negative side effects on a woman. This is true especially because most of this operations are done by unqualified women. The conditions are not sterile. Sharing of razor blades leads to transmission of diseases. Despite being outlawed the women are encouraged to use new razor blades for each individual due to HIV/AIDS. Africa bears the biggest burden of HIV/AIDS. Some girls may also over bleed during the operation. With no modern interventions they end up dying.


Long term medical effects may include fistula. Africa also bears the highest burden of fistula due to fgm and traditional birth attendance. Organizations such as Africa Medical Research Foundation offer free treatment. Most of this women come from poor backgrounds.


There have also been cases of Africans living in Western countries practicing FGM. They seek medical professionals to carry out female circumcision on their children though discretely. The parents usually risk jail time. It goes to show the deep rooted beliefs some Africans hold despite western influence.

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  1. Buenos documentales

  2. MOST Africans basically are too stupid to think for themselves so they follow ALL the Ancestral stupidity handed down from generation to generation to generation, thus you have a major bulk of ignorance and stupidity which makes theses herd of cattle easy to manipulate, control and treat like shit, hhhmmmm.



    • I agree sir, all these politicians had made this world a horrible place.
      I also bought the documentaries to see more as it intrigued me. I am from India and corruption here is too much.

      • I again with both of you gentlemen. I am from Mexico but have had the opportunity to travel to both continents and now I live in the US. I see the same cattle hurdles being run by DNC politicians and most done even know the history behind DNC didn’t want slavey to ever go away. But they (African -Americans) still vote for them ( DNC ) they are just fallowing the heard

    • Shut up you piece of shit! you know nothing i mean absolutely nothing about Africa, Africans, and our rituals, so u better shut that whole u call a mouth before somebody do that for you!

      • the rituals towards women are sick sick sick because they are not allowed pleasure like a stupid man is, sick sick sick SICKOS
        women are baby making machines sickos

      • Hey dude whom so ever condems di is right. I am african but I forbid and criticize such.I magine cutting out female clitories with a blade.that’s barbaric

        • yes i also disagree .but i cannot say it is babaric .they must just stop it


  3. It a disgrace to see that aficans are so fool, It pains my heart to see these stupid men doing shit

  4. WTF stop to be ignorant. Don,t even understand why they said africa in all this video’s title. Africa is not country. Say the coutry name. all africans countries does not have the same culture. we never have this in my homeland.
    Stop making videos like this if u cannot exactly inform people where its from, Again africa is NOT A COUNTRY. is a continent and all africans DOES NOT HAVE the same culture….

    • am an african bt whichever country you are this is more of madness.i cant allow my parents do this to my sister.stop this stupid things(from east africa,hii ni ujinga mnaumiza wasichana mara ngapi na hawajaanza kuzaa.nikikupata

    • Well d whites r not exempted.cos I can’t imagine a man getting married to a man and woman to a woman.I can also place my hands on y a man should transform himself to a woman and a woman transforms herself to a man.that’s barbaric.

    • First of all, which African country are you talking about? how can you make a vidoe of some tribe and but 54 countries into it? why didnt the author specify which country and tribe this is taking place in. Secondly in the west you have men chopping off their penis and inserting virgana’s of death women and claiming they are now women, you have women removing their virgana’s and getting penis of death men and call them self men, those this disturb you at all? or its all ok as long as its done in the west? you have men getting married to men, women to women does this border you also? it all seem ok and according to you human right but then Africans are ingorant right?

      • No blood she’d no permanently damage yea I suck pussy everyday and yes I also an a woman how do you justify love and touch of gay partnerships yet condone this meat market backyard bullshit ritual

    • Muslims in London take their daughters to their original villages to do that. They insist on staying retrogrades. And in Texas they want the Sharia Law to be implemented, so that this practice, together with stoning, chopping heads, cutting hands and feet, will be legal. Stay in your countries. Don’t come!!!

  5. Made me cry. How do we stop this inhuman ritual? Which deity or god demands such an act? The entire world should get together and put an end to such barbaric rituals.

  6. As a victim of MALE GENITAL MUTILATION (I.e., traditional “Circumcision”) I understand first hand the horror of having been altered. Even in male Circumcision, the most important and sensitive part of the sexual organ(s) is removed: forever. As a result, I have been unable to unable to form a lasting relationship, and as of yet have not fathered any children.

    We must put a stop to this horror, not just for girls, but for ALL PEOPLE, male or female, EVERYWHERE! To be honest, I find it easier to take if they just took their girls and boys, and sliced off their heads or cut out their hearts and killed them…than to subject us to a lifetime of pain and subjugation without pleasure.

    • Sorry to ask u mean castration?

      • Castration is something different completely. Male circumcision is removing the foreskin is just as rare as female circumcision is but because it is seen as just fine to the people that feel as thought they have the right to do so it is. Most countries dont do it at all. Yes the foreskin is importain. Yes there are complications from removing it ranging from infections to losing compleat feeling and not being able to perform. What do we do? Go o there is nothing wrong take thise pills and you will be good as new. The penis is ment to be a internal organ you cut the skin and you over stimulate it and cause problems all through life that doctors are more then happy to deny and cover.that is just the tip of the iceberg.

        You cant say doing it to females is wrong but see nothing wrong with doing the same thing to males. All or none.
        If you didnt know now you do.
        I am a female and know this.
        Know your body.
        Know your facts.

    • Sass i bring goodnews if you will accept it…
      No matter the situation,there ia always hope and a second chance….
      Am not talking about medical hope….
      Am talking about my lord and saviour Jesus Christ…
      Am talking about God!!!’
      The creator of the universe…
      And our creator…
      I have personally tasted of the lord and i know that Jesus is able…
      There is nothing that is too hard for God…
      Trust me God is real!!!!
      And he is still in the business of performing miracles…
      Why dont you try him today…?
      What have you got go loose….?
      And for God to help you effectively,you have to give your life to him, accept him into your heart and let him be lord and saviour over your life…follow his commandments abstain from premarital sexual behviour,pray,read the bible ask him if he is real to revile himself to you….
      Ask the holyspirit to be you guide and helper,
      Trust me Sass. Once JESUS is through with you and you are cleansed washed in his blood,sanctified and set apart…and you have married,you will be enjoying intimacy the way God intended sex to be enjoyed not just for pleasure but with all the other 6 benefits…
      You know its written in the bible,..’sometimes God brings afflictions(sickness) to his people in order to humble them and draw them near to him…’ to seek him,know him,serve him and spend eternity with him

  7. I’m from Africa but we’re they make this is not my country, but pls specify the country always don’t say Africa in every thing. But this is not good, let stop this stupid retuals,demmed fk

  8. The roots of this brutality and barbarism are in the traditions of the most local religions and particularly in the Muslims traditions of various leaders with very dirty minds, who try to STOP any progress, at any tribe all over the world and particularly in un-educated people. STOP all these kind of sick Muslims traditions and Liberate your souls, in order to find progress in life, for every human being.

    • Please don’t say what you don’t know female circumsition is totally prohibited in Islam so please don’t be careful about what you are saying

    • Dude. Seriously? You did’nt just say that. What do you know about muslims? Visit a muslim country and see. People like u are so easily manipulated by biased media.anyways, male ciscumsission is a must in islam. Dont know if i spelled it right. It has its medical benefits. Having that foreskin is like having a depository for germs. Not easy to clean. Butttt. This women castration. Is completely inhuman. And sick. Theres no such thing in islam. Please be have a healthier comment by actually gaining some knowledge.

  9. It’s weired for men to fear to be circumcised,but for women it’s odd to mutilate them,I curse whoever does this not in africa

  10. vasant babu pawar

    Very bad customs cutting of ciletary of small girl’ other people Dancing i cant see such Bloody vedio’s

  11. great,they are just follow their trdition

  12. Habari!! Jamani huu ni ukatili Tena wa kijinsia na mambo hayo yameshapita na wakati na huu ni Muda wa kwenda kuwaelimisha, maana ni aibu kwa taasisi zinazojihusisha na haki za wanawake na watoto Jamani!!! TORARA KWA WANAWAKE SIO SALAMA ITOKOMEZWE?!

  13. This is the most crazy thing i have ever seen in my life i can’t believe this is real i think there are more than Lucifer how will they do such a thing i am very very shock GOD save them

  14. That’s so awful. One of the wosrt things I have ever seen, I can taste the blood up in my mouth. I hope this all ends soon. Poor girls.

  15. female genital mutilation will never end because Africans aren’t forward thinking or civilized…they really need to stay in Africa. They are not ready for civilized life even after generations in western countries. They are backwards and they are actually ruining America .

    Blacks I used to stand up for you but I am over IT! GTFO of western counties PLEASE

    • Are you crazy? What is ruining America is people that think like you! We have all kinds of plastic surgeries in America ! Men turning into women and vice versa! People splitting there tongues being here male circumcision etc. , Black people built this great country on our free labor and have been treated like total crap throughout its history! Maybe you should go back to where you came from because it certainly isn’t America! Furthermore it is scientifically proven that all life was started in Africa though I guess that is where you will be returning too! Lol

  16. You censored the scene. You’re embarrassing.

  17. prof. c.w. baliddawa

    These are criminals! The should be locked up!

  18. this operation is right because they need it and want it for themseleves

  19. Insulting 0ne another in anger solves nothing….nothing at all…
    Am African
    And Africa is a made up of 54 DIFFEREN continents…
    I come from kenya and good news is that in my country,female genital mutilation is outlawed,once those who are involved are caught with there perpetrators,they are jailed and that village is put under survelliance so that it doesnt happen again… we are continuing to create awaress,educate,mobilize the villagers and government representativee and create camps for those who run away from such practices… We need to join hands and help each other not throw words at each other no matter how mad or disgusted we are.

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  21. All said and done here, seeing as to the stuff is sold at $9 a pop… I ask the site owner: Why did you come up with this idea and turned it commercial????

  22. i disgree with this competely. u cant do this to my own.

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