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Death Rituals in Africa Documentary

The documentary above shows a dead man undergoing traditional rituals before he is buried. In African societies everything that happens benefits or harms the community as a whole. People learn to celebrate and also mourn together. Death is one such situation where the whole community mourns together.
The death of a person has to be consecrated. An arrow is shot loose from a bow to symbolize eternity and the ceaseless struggle between life and death. The body is then carried towards the grave in a twisted swing dance as this documentary shows. It represents the difficult path the soul must travel to reach the world of the dead.

In most African tribes it is believed that the spirit of the dead remains around the community. For this reason dead bodies are treated with care and dignity to avoid making their spirits angry. For example among the luo of Kenya and Uganda the body of a man has to sleep in his house the night before burial. Also burying the dead away from home such as cemeteries is taboo and can invoke the wrath of the deceased spirit. For this reason bodies might be transported long distances just to ensure they are buried home near their ancestors. If a vehicle carrying a body stalls due to a mechanical problem it is believed the spirit of the deceased is resisting and has to be talked to. If the body cannot be retrieved for burial then a ceremony has to be carried out to please the gods.

While African tribes who pursue the Muslim faith might bury their dead the same day, most other tribes will mourn for days if not weeks. It is common for the family of the deceased to lose most of their property to traditional ceremonies before and after the burial. This may include cows due to the demand of food among the mourners.

Some African tribes may wash the body before burial. The body might also undergo several traditional rituals. The size, depth and angle of the grave is also dictated by tradition. The body might also be buried in a position based on the particular tribe and its beliefs. Get the full documentary on African death rituals to watch more of such rituals from different tribes in Africa

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  2. L’afrique noir a connu sa propre culture déjà de decennies ,mais l’arriver de l’otan nous montre leurs cultures etrangeres ,et nous trompe avec des multiples religions pour juste nous separer les uns avec les autres .

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