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Cannibalism In Africa Documentary

Ritual cannibalism is prevalent in some African countries because of traditional beliefs. In the East African country of Burundi, ritual cannibalism is so widespread that the government had to increase the penalty from life in prison to death. Tradition demands they eat the remains of their dead relatives in order to inherit their hunting skills. Most citizens do not understand the new law because it goes contrary to their law of tradition.

Cannibalism apart from being ritual can be a regular source of food in some African communities. This is common in the Congo where meat from their slaves is a cherished delicacy. Some Congolese will trade ivory and other goods in exchange for slaves. They later cook the slaves for their meat.

Eating en enemy is a practice in many war ridden African countries. In Central Africa Republic different religious groups that are at war eat each other to further humiliate their enemy. During the long civil war in Liberia soldiers also developed the habit of feeding on the flesh of their enemies.

Feeding on human flesh might also be a form of witchcraft. In some parts of Africa it is believed that feeding on human flesh has some magical powers. In Kenya and Tanzania for example, albino people have been targeted for cannibalism. It is believed meat from albino has the ability to bring someone good luck and wealth. In the Western part of Kenya among the Luhya tribe it was believed that eating the genitals of a pre adolescent virgin boy will heal HIV/AIDS. This lead to many young boys having their genitals decapitated.

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  2. in Uganda we have masaka and rakai

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