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Documentary About Sex in Africa

The video above shows an African woman forcefully undergoing a sexual initiation ritual. The video is from our 2015 documentary about sexual initiation rituals in Africa. The documentary has narration explaining each of the rituals in detail. These rituals made news in 2016 when BBC News exposed a man who …

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Documentary About Female Genital Mutilation in Africa

This video shows African girls undergoing circumcision. This is only one of the more than 100 circumcision rituals contained in our full documentary. CLICK HERE to get the full documentary number 1806. WOMANHOOD According to African tradition a girl is not born a woman. She becomes one through contact with the …

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Documentary About African Sex

The video above shows African men having sex with the earth in order to fertilize it. To get the full sex documentary and watch many more sex rituals that African men practice please  CLICK HERE and get documentary number 1804. There are many sex rituals men are required to undertake …

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African Female Circumcision Ritual

The video above shows an African girl in Togo undergoing female circumcision. The ritual is done early in the morning while it is still dark. The girl lies on a mat. Women restrain her with one sitting on her chest. Her legs are opened wide. Her pubic hair is shaved …

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African Circumcision Ritual

The video above shows a man undergoing traditional African circumcision. The operation is performed while standing so that he can prove his courage. He is also required to look up and continue standing after the operation despite the pain.

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