Wednesday , December 13 2017
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Mithridatism in North Africa

This is a sample trailer from our documentary about North Africa. To get the full documentary and learn much more about North Africa CLICK HERE. In North Africa boys hunt poisonous snakes and other animals which are bought by venom research institutions. The boys build immunity against the venom of …

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Healing By Urination

The documentary above shows an Azande witch doctor performing healing rituals on a patient. She performs some dances to make peace with the spiritual world. She then urinates on the patient whilst standing. The Azande believe that any aspect of human life is affected by witchcraft. Witchcraft according to them …

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Healing By Drowning

Water is considered magical in most African tribes because it heals and purifies. In the horn of Africa country of Eritrea people considered mentally imbalanced are submerged in cold water to restore sanity. They are taken to ponds in the morning hours when the water is still cold as shown …

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