Monday , May 21 2018
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Deadly Sex in Africa

Our secret investigative documentary showing how some Africans are intentionally infecting people with the HIV virus. The full documentary is 2 hours long. Most of it is recorded using hidden cameras.

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On the Street- Homosexuality in Africa

They are abnormal. They should be hanged or ostracized form the community. That is what many Africans say about homosexuals. TVC host Bukunmi Ayo-Ariyo takes to the streets of 3 big cities in Africa to find out what Africans think about the subject. The program is called ‘On the Street’. …

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Dark and Lovely, Soft and Free

Zakhi is a gay young man living in Johannesburg, South Africa. He lives in the city but wonders what life is like for gay people living in the country side. Martin is Zakhi’s friend. He knows so many gay people in South Africa. In this documentary Zakhi goes on a …

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