Sunday , March 18 2018
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Call Me Kuchu

In Uganda’s capital of Kampala members of the gay community are gathered to celebrate with their friends. Their host tonight is a couple. They are celebrating their 9th anniversary together. As we can see in the documentary the event is low key; the environment around these people does not allow …

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God Loves Uganda

Rev. Kapya Kaoma is a Zambian citizen. He recently went to Uganda to research the Christian Right. After declaring support for LGBT rights he had to flee the country. For some years Rev. Kaoma has been studying the relationship between American conservatives and Africa. He was concerned about Uganda. In …

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Living With Ebola

In the face of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa the health workers at the frontline have been risking their lives to save lives. But is the government taking them for granted? Sorious Samura travels to Liberia to investigate. Ebola claimed its first victim in a small village in Liberia. …

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Living With Illegals

This documentary is filmed at a time when the UK has announced the biggest shakeup of immigration policies in the last 40 years. These are aimed at stopping the flow of unskilled migrants into the EU. But for several illegal migrants from Africa, this will not make a difference. They …

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Gay Massacre – South Africa

C-Point in Cape Town has become gang land in recent years. Gangsters and other criminal syndicates have reportedly come into the area and made it their own. Jeremy Veary is a former Head of the Police Anti-Gang Task Team. He tells this documentary that C-Point is run by two major …

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