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African Secret Sex Culture Documentary

The videos above show girls from different parts of Africa undergoing virginity tests before marriage. The video extracts are from a 3 hours long documentary about secret traditional African sex practices. The sex practices are hidden from the general public. The participants of these sex practices are expected to never …

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Documentary about African Pygmies

The African: Pygmy People of The Rainforest – Ancient Baka Living culture is a discovery channel documentary. In the Central African Republic the pygmies are known as the Baka. In the Congo, they are called the Mobuti and in Cameroon, the Efi. Their country is the large Equatorial Rainforest of …

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Documentary about Who Controls Africa

Who Controls Africa is a 2014 documentary by New Atlantis Full Documentaries. The documentary looks into the power of women in Africa. Without a doubt, women control Africa. They educate the children and stay behind when men are gone. Women are the guardians of African tradition. If they rebelled, there …

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Documentary about How Europeans divided Africa

This Magnificent Afican Cake is episode 6 of a documentary series by Basil Risbridger Davidson. Basil was a British historian, writer and Africanist. The west coast of Africa looks today as it did 100 years before. The slave trade had long come to an end. But the traffic shores have …

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