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About Us

Oddafrica is an educational company. We produce and collect educational material about African culture. We collect rare footage from 35mm films shot as far back as 1920. We convert the 35mm into digital format which can be delivered over the internet. Some of the rare footage you can watch from our rare historical collections include circumcision rituals, sex rituals, death rituals and much more from as far back as 1920.

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Oddafrica also produces sex documentaries and short sex documentaries every month. Our sex documentaries contain rare footage of sex rituals which are still practiced in different parts of Africa. Some of the rare footage you will watch from our productions include sexual cleansing rituals, sex training rituals and much more.

Our monthly emagazine focuses on African culture and its conflict with modernity. You will be able to read opinions of cultural practices and modern laws.

Ebooks meant for scholars doing research on African culture are also available in our members area.

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