Tuesday , May 23 2017

Documentary About Sex in Africa

The video above shows an African woman forcefully undergoing a sexual initiation ritual. The video is from our 2015 documentary about sexual initiation rituals in Africa. The documentary has narration explaining each of the rituals in detail. These rituals made news in 2016 when BBC News exposed a man who …

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The video above shows a traditional African witch doctor performing a brain surgery. As you can see, he uses no modern medical equipment and all his patients do survive. Get the complete documentary and watch many more traditional surgeries including eye surgeries, stomach surgeries and bone surgeries. To get this …

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Documentary About Female Genital Mutilation in Africa

This video shows African girls undergoing circumcision. This is only one of the more than 100 circumcision rituals contained in our full documentary. CLICK HERE to get the full documentary number 1806. WOMANHOOD According to African tradition a girl is not born a woman. She becomes one through contact with the …

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